Dubai never lets visitors down when it comes to fresh, interesting experiences. This city is vibrant and a centre for innovation. In Dubai, variety is a virtue, and this also applies to the cuisine.

Eating out has become common place, and Baofriend is one such eatery that makes sure foodies have a blast tucking into the yummiest of treats.

We are known for serving real North Indian food that is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, as well as delectable Asian delicacies that will undoubtedly titillate your palate.

With us, you can experience great dining at a top-notch Asian restaurant in Dubai. Overall, we guarantee that your time with us will be one that you cherish forever.

What Does "Fine Dining Restaurant" Mean?

A fine dining establishment is a stylish restaurant that caters to a wealthy and educated customer. The quality of the cuisine delivered here is top-notch.

Besides, great dining, whether it be in Dubai or anywhere else in the world, is generally characterized by a formal setting, ostentatious décor, pricey wine, and dress rules.

Compared to other fine dining Asian restaurants in Dubai, Baofriend Restaurant is unique. Despite the fact that we are in the affluent category, our friendly staff treats each client with great consideration as they receive their services.

What is proper dining behaviour?

Following a set of etiquette guidelines is always advised in a formal fine dining setting. In Dubai, Baofriend Restaurant offers the best fine dining options.

Making sure you have a wonderful eating experience is something we always take great pride in. We kindly ask that you bear the following in mind:

  • Holding the menu card near to your face will help you avoid lifting it to read it. Even if it remains on the table, you can still look through it.
  • Being a little more cautious and quieter would help. You don't always have to raise your glasses in a toast.
  • As much as you can, keep the plate's edge clean. The service team will find that to be of great assistance.
  • Before beginning your meal, always remember to fold the napkin and set it on your lap.
  • Avoid leaving items on the table, such as phones or keys.
  • Do not use an offensive voice or tone when requesting the service workers.

What Distinctions Exist Between Casual and Fine Dining?

As the name implies, a casual dining restaurant is a more laid-back eatery similar to a café where, despite being moderately priced, the food quality, service, and ambiance are not as high-end as those found in fine dining establishments.

Additionally, unlike casual dining, fine dining establishments include sophisticated menus, eye-catching décor, and a wide range of food and beverage choices.

What Else Makes Baofriend Dubai's Best Fine Dining Restaurant?

The "Maharaja of Asian Cuisine" is the Baofriend Restaurant. But in addition to Asian cuisine, we also offer mouth watering Matcha Pancakes with maple syrup, miso salted caramel butter, and some fresh berries or delicious honeycomb, miso caramel sauce, dark chocolate, and deep-fried ice cream that is sure to pamper your palette.

Depending on your preferences, we can customize the menu. Let us tell you that we offer a broad selection of drinks as well, in case the many different types of food dishes are not sufficient.

We currently have the top chefs and service staff in Dubai. Regarding the ambiance and décor, our interiors are incredibly lovely and imaginatively designed.

Enjoy some of Dubai's best buns.

Ah, the taste of a hot, freshly cooked bun, both sweet and salty. You can indulge in that warm, delicious taste at any hour of the day. Whether one is craving something sweet or something spicy to go with a hamburger, buns are the ideal snack. Almost anything can be filled inside of this adaptable pastry. The combinations range from fruits like apples and strawberries to glazes and simple sugars, and they are very scrumptious.

The quality of the ingredients utilized is where a nicely baked bun is first appreciated. Butter, yeast, and flour are a few of the key ingredients for the ideal bun. Using too much butter can make the dough too oily and prevent the air from expanding to create the iconic pocket inside an excellent bun. Therefore, use butter sparingly. However, too little butter causes the bun to become dry and lose its airy and fluffy texture. Yeast also has a significant impact since it causes the bun to rise. The flour is primarily in charge of maintaining the harmony of textures and giving the dough adequate support to prevent crumbling.

At Baofriend in Dubai, premium ingredients are combined to create a bun with outstanding flavour. The appearance and texture of the pastry are the most crucial factors in bun evaluation. The ideal bun should be golden-brown in texture, have a tiny crunch on the exterior, and feel light and fluffy inside. A sugar and egg wash is frequently used to generate this crunch, which also sweetens and gives the bun more colors. After finishing all of these stages, the bun is baked to allow the dough to rise and assume shape. When the steam emerging from the pastry is apparent, the bun is delicious.

Enjoy a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

A journey to Dubai offers many visitors the chance to indulge in luxury and extravagance. This comprises some of the most opulent hotels, top-notch dining establishments, and a wide range of gastronomic adventures. Of all the thrilling things to do, a lavish breakfast spread in Dubai is hard to surpass for extravagance.

Even if you can arrange to prepare your own wholesome breakfast while residing in a Dubai flat, you should try out some of the city's new restaurants in Dubai for an unforgettable experience. Starting with wholesome, high-quality food is the first step. Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins are things to look for. Include a variety of foods from each food group, and don't overlook healthy fats like those found in avocados, almonds, and seeds.

You simply can't overlook Baofriend when looking for new restaurants near me in Dubai to enjoy your breakfast. Just remember to sit down, unwind, and be thoughtful. Try to completely appreciate the flavour and sensations in every bite. Take note of the various sizes, hues, and aromas present in your food. Give yourself entire attention while enjoying your meal in a quiet, unhurried environment.

Is dining out worth it?

A expensive choice is fine dining. But a luxury fine dining restaurant's ambiance, furnishings, and décor, service, and food are all worth the cost.

These restaurants also host a good amount of amazing theme-based events and parties. You can enjoy a sensation that is indescribably beautiful.


To put it briefly, Baofriend Restaurant has been a superb example of exquisite dining in Dubai. Our delicious food (starters, drinks, main meal, and desserts) and imaginative and stylish décor, as well as our first-rate service, speak for themselves. We possess all the necessary qualities to rank among the top restaurants in Dubai.

Additionally, our luxurious yet welcoming atmosphere and warm welcome guarantee the ultimate comfort. We go above and above to make our customers feel at home because we never want them to feel like a fish out of water.

Online ordering is desired. Do you want to order takeout? or want to eat in? Don't think twice. Be a customer of Baofriend, one of Dubai's most incredible fine dining Asian restaurants. For you, we are waiting.